Using Your Straps & Hardware Responsibly

Thankfully, many countries around the world have outlawed the use of leather straps for so-called abusive purposes. For instance, it is illegal in some countries to cane your children or give them a hiding with a leather strap, purportedly for disciplinary purposes. But on the adult side of things, mutually consenting adults can have their custom designed straps and hardware specially made up for ‘disciplinary’ purposes or for pleasure.

It may be stretching things a bit too far for many readers, but in any case, this is a clear example of what can be done in your behalf. You get to have necessary hardware and personal effects custom made just the way you need it for your personal or commercial purposes. And, of course, you will be utilizing these responsibly. And once all use has been exhausted or you’ve feigned disinterest, you can turn these articles and instruments in to be recycled.

custom designed straps and hardware

These recycled articles will then be put to other use somehow. If for all practical intents and purposes, this cannot be done, the materials that went into making the custom equipment and utensils can be dismantled and disengaged and re-used elsewhere. Nothing goes to waste and everything is done sustainably and responsibly. There’s a registered trademark range of straps and hardware that is being prepared and distributed sustainably as well.

Under this brand, all items and materials in use will be fashioned for re-use, also making it comfortable and secure for future users. Lines of straps and hardware are custom designed to your own specifications in terms of its color, its buckles, length and materials in use.  Only one or two examples of use could be given here because there are just so many commercial, domestic and personal uses for straps and hardware.